Week 14/15

I have posted a writing assignment: Problem 2-0: Me, Myself, and UI, to be due on January 8, 2016. You are to research and compare different user interface designs, and predict the future of user interfaces. Be creative! The over length should be about 600 words.

Please submit this as either a shared google doc (share with me at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net) or create a word document and save it in your dropbox folder.

Our second quiz, Quiz-1, will be coming up on Tuesday, December 22.

The quiz will contain no more than 10 questions to be chosen from questions like these. Sample questions are here. Quiz 1 Sample Quesitons

Answers to sample questions are here. Quiz 1 Sample Question Answers

Possible topics include:

  • Strings and Arrays
  • Writing a for loop to iterate through a string
  • Writing code to create an array of ints, storing values and printing them out.
  • The difference between while and do while loops.
  • Segmentation faults: what are they and what can cause them.

Study resources:
CS50 Study Pages for

CS50 Reference

Segmentation Fault
A common run-time error for C programs is a “segmentation violation” or “segmentation fault.” When you run your program and the system reports a “segmentation violation,” it means your program has attempted to access an area of memory that it is not allowed to access. It often happens when you try to access an element of an array that does not exist. Such as referencing argv[1] before without first checking that the user has input a command line argument.

Here is a great video on arrays.

And here is a great video on command line arguments.

Also for those that are working ahead, problem 3-1 is now available.