Problem 4-5 (More Comfortable): Mashup

This is the final problem set (aka pset 8) in Harvard’s curriculum. It involves some HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and Javascript.

Your (final!) mission for this problem set is to implement “mashup” that integrates Google Maps with Google News with a MySQL database containing thousands of postal codes, GPS coordinates, and more. Quite like this here version by the staff!

Not only can you search for places via the text box up top, you can also click on and drag the map elsewhere. Scattered across the map, meanwhile, are newspaper icons that, when clicked, provide links to local news!

You may notice that some markers (and labels) overlap others or are otherwise at the wrong coordinates. The GeoNames geographical database that we’re using is actually imperfect, whereby some places’ coordinates are off. For instance, East Boston isn’t in Back Bay. And Readville isn’t in Boston Harbor. Not to worry if you see those same symptoms in your mashup, assuming the source of the problem is indeed the data itself!

Anyhow, how neat! But where to begin?

Check out Harvard’s pset 8: Mashup!

You may find the CS50 Javascript/jQuery videos and AJAX videos helpful for this pset!