Problem 4-4: Temperature Conversion

In this problem, you will complete the Javascript/jQuery code to create a temperature conversion web page.

You can see that Fahrenheit to Celsius is completed, but Celsius to Fahrenheit is not yet done.

First, carefully read through the code for the form to see how it call the function ctof when the convert button is clicked. Then read through the function ctof that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Complete the div with the id = “fahrenheitCelsius”, then use jQuery to complete the function ftoc, to make this webpage convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius as well.

After your Javascript is working, style the page with CSS and one or more images of your choice. You may separate the javascript (with a script tag and link to a file ending in .js) and css if you like.

Copy and paste the line below in your terminal window to download the distribution code.