How to submit Initials

Congratulations! You are almost finished! Now it is time to submit your code and review your journey.

Step 1 of 2

  1. When ready to submit, log into CS50 IDE.
  2. Toward CS50 IDE’s top-left corner, within its “file browser” (not within a terminal window), control-click or right-click your initials.c file (that’s within your unit2 directory) and then select Download. You should find that your browser has downloaded initials.c.
  3. Log into your dropbox account and create a Unit 1 folder and a Unit 2 folder in your shared dropbox folder. Drag all of your Unit 1 programs into your Unit 1 folder.
  4. Drag the file initials.c into this Unit 2 folder. If you are on a school computer, make sure to drag initials.c into the trash and empty the trash.

Step 2 of 2

Click on the link for your class below, where a short form awaits. Here you will answer a few questions and write a sentence or two describing at least 2 “a-ha” moments. In your CS50 IDE, go to File, then Show Revision History, and include a time stamp representing each of these learning moments, where something suddenly seemed clear, or you corrected a misunderstanding about how to solve a part of the assignment.

For example:
11/10 9:10:56: I figured out how to strip off each digit of the ISBN number by using a combination of modulo and division.
11/10 9:38:29: I realized I could solve this problem without having to declare a new variable for each digit by using a for loop.

Period 1 Form
Period 2 Form
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Period 7 Form