How to Submit ISBN

Congratulations! You are almost finished! Now it is time to submit your code and review your journey.

Step 1 of 2

  1. When ready to submit, log into CS50 IDE.
  2. Toward CS50 IDE’s top-left corner, within its “file browser” (not within a terminal window), control-click or right-click your isbn.c file (that’s within your unit1 directory) and then select Download. You should find that your browser has downloaded isbn.c.
  3. Log into your dropbox account and navigate your way to your shared folder. drag the file isbn.c into this folder. If you are on a school computer, make sure to drag isbn.c into the trash and empty the trash.

Step 2 of 2

Click on the link for your class below, where a short form awaits. Here you will answer a few questions and write a sentence or two describing at least 2 “a-ha” moments. In your CS50 IDE, go to File, then Show Revision History, and include a time stamp representing each of these learning moments, where something suddenly seemed clear, or you corrected a misunderstanding about how to solve a part of the assignment.

For example:
11/10 9:10:56: I figured out how to strip off each digit of the ISBN number by using a combination of modulo and division.
11/10 9:38:29: I realized I could solve this problem without having to declare a new variable for each digit by using a for loop.

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