Less Comfortable: HTML/CSS

For those that want a little more hand holding to learn HTML and CSS, you will be using code academy. Be sure to get the username (password is CS50) from me. I will be tracking your progress through the online tutorial, since you will be submitting fewer problem sets. Your progress through the tutorials will count toward your grade.

After completing the first six code academy lessons, you will complete your first problem set, using your cloud 9 account. Create a new folder labeled unit4, and create a new file with an extension of html. You can preview this file by control clicking on the name of the file in the file tree on the left.

Problem 4-0: Create your own web page

Now it’s time to choose your own adventure! Your mission is, quite simply, to have fun with HTML and implement a project of your choice subject only to the following minimum requirements.

Your code of course must be well structured, use <head> tags, <title> tags, and <body> tags. Please validate your code through https://validator.w3.org as you would with check50.

  • Your project must have at least two links, at least one of which must go to an outside website.
  • Your project must have at least three images or movies.
  • You must use three different colors.
  • Your project must use at least one table, form, or list.
  • You must use some CSS styling (inline styling is ok).