CS50: HTML/CSS (more comfortable)

I’ve posted several CS50 videos, to introduce you to coding in HTML and CSS.

I recommend you follow along in your c9 workspaces, and create the programs as you see them created in the videos, then play around a bit with the code to get a deeper understanding. There are many resources out there for both HTML and CSS keywords and syntax, and you can find these easily by googling for instance “links in html”. I also highly recommend www.w3schools.com to learn or review syntax and validator.w3.org to validate your code, similar to the way you used check50 for earlier problems.

I’ve started with this year’s lecture video which introduces HTML at about the 8 minute mark. It’s quite long, and you may want to view it in segments, where David introduces HTML, uses HTML in cloud 9 and writes a few short programs in HTML and CSS. You don’t have to watch it first, though it does provide a nice overview.

Below this are short videos on various topics in HTML and CSS.

Lecture Video

hello, HTML (Please note that in these short videos with David Malan, the previewing of HTML pages will work differently, since these were made before the days of cloud 9. To preview your HTML page, you can control-click on the program name in the file tree on the left and a preview window will open, as seen in Doug’s videos below.)

paragraphs resources

heading resources

list resources

image resources

search-0 resources

search-1 resources

search-2 resources

search-3 resources

search-4 resources

css-0 resources

css-1 resources

css-2 resources

link resources

tables resources

HTML Intro with Daven

CSS Intro with Joseph

HTML with Doug

CSS with Doug