Final Reflection

Semester 2 Final Reflection

Now that you have completed your final projects, and two semesters of CS50, you will write an essay on your experience, your growth, your accomplishments and your struggles. In 500 to 1000 words, touch on each of the following topics.

  • Discuss your experience in creating your final project. How did your experience align with your expectations of the work involved.
  • What do you feel you learned from creating your final project? Did it help you have a better a better appreciation for websites and apps that you use regularly?
  • If you worked with a group, how did you organize your work flow? Did working in a group help or hinder the creating process?
  • How did the scrum boards help you keep your work flow organized? If this did not help you, explain why.
  • Explain how your habits as a computer scientist have evolved as you proceeded through the course. Do you find that some of what you’ve learned in this course has extended to other domains of interest to you? How?
  • Touch on an “a-ha!” moment that you encountered as you worked on your final project. If you changed directions after you started your final project, explain why.
  • What was the greatest challenge or struggle you encountered while working on your project.

If possible, talk about each of these with a classmate, and compare notes. How have your experiences differed and how have they aligned?