Assignment 1-1

We’ve Just Scratched the Surface

In Problem 1-0, your charge was to explore Scratch, tinkering around with puzzle pieces as you saw fit and creating a project entirely of your own design. To that end, you may not have had the chance to explore all facets of Scratch, including one of the features that makes it such a fun language to play with—remixing.

This week we will start with remixing.

In the context of Scratch, remixing a project means creating a copy of its sprites and scripts (which is saved online in your Scratch account), and then putting your own unique twist on those sprites and scripts to create a Scratch project that draws inspiration from the original but takes it one step further in some way.[1]

So let’s get to remixing. If you head to, it looks as though Doug was in the middle of building a Scratch-based replica of the CS50 binary bulbs rig, but failed to complete it. Try it out yourself for a minute or two. In particular, what you may notice is that while the bulbs all turn on and off when clicked, and hints of functionality for a standard and Hacker mode exists (simulating the placement and removal of the place-value hinting magnets), there is no way to win this “game.” When you click Guess button, the sprite simply says “TODO” for a few moments. Even if all the correct light bulbs are lit up when the button is pressed, seems it’s impossible to win the game.

Let’s help Doug out and finish this game for him!

Problem 1-1: Binary Bulbs