Week 16

Getting Ready for Friday’s CS50 Fair!

If your code is uploaded please check the link here to make sure it works properly.

Please upload your code today (Wednesday) if possible. Tomorrow, during period 2, my class will be taking a DOE Survey and may not have much time to work. I will stay after school on Thursday, to help anyone who wants assistance debugging their code.

Also complete and upload your tent card.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT upload individual files to the dropittome address below. This will NOT work. You must upload a compressed folder, that contains one top level project folder from c9 with files in the same relative position. The outer folder should have your team members names as the name of the folder. After you’ve compressed it it should be named something like MaryJohnAlan.zip. If you can’t create a zipped file then just rename the .tar.gz file with your team names and upload that. Again, uploading individual files will not work.

When you project is totally completed, please follow the steps below carefully so your site can be run without starting up cloud9.

  1. Download the folder that contains all the elements required for your project.
  2. Drag the …tar.gz file out of your download folder and double click on it
  3. Double click on your home html page. This should open it in a browser and allow you to test out your site. If something is not right (either missing elements or incorrect styling) it means some file you are using was not included in your download. Try going back to your c9 workspace and downloading the folder one level higher, and follow steps 1 to 4 to make sure that all necessary files are now included.
  4. When all looks good, put your unstuffed downloaded folder in a new folder. The name of the new folder should include the names of your teammates.
  5. Control-click on this folder and select “compress”. You should get a zip file.
  6. If all is good and you can’t make a zip file, use the .tar.gz file to upload.
  7. Go the the website https://dropitto.me/cs50xnestm_finalproject. The password is CS50. Drag this zip file into the window where it says “Drag Files Here”.

Also be sure to send me your tent card and the link to your video to margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net.



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