Week 15

Adding comment to your website

For anyone who wants to add comments to their websites, I now have several samples available that you can incorporate into your websites.

  • For user comments (previewwithout using materialize, (Facebook style)  type the following into your terminal window to download:

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26740080/comments_files.zip

  • For user comments (cannot preview without login code) requiring login (and optional topics)

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26740080/comments_by_topic_login.zip

  • For uploading and viewing pictures (preview) with comments

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26740080/comments_images.zip

  • For uploading comments (preview) using Materialize

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26740080/comments_materialize.zip

These all use a database named testdb which you will eventually have to change, but I suggest you get this working within your own application first, then we can change the database name. I need to create permissions on new databases before they will be operational.

When you are finished with your project:

Complete the tent card. Download template here, complete and email to me at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net. Tent Card

  1. Create a 2 minute video using quick time screen movie. To share you can upload to youtube and share the link with me, or share as a googledoc at margarettanzosh.nestmk12.net
  2. Complete a reflection on the process of creating your project.
  3. Get ready to enjoy our June 3 celebration!

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