Week 12/13

This past week all students and groups made up their Scrum Boards, detailing all tasks necessary to complete their final projects. These should be updated every day or two, as you complete tasks, and modify or add new tasks to your TODO lists. We are also having Standups every day before getting to work, to help keep everyone on task and productive.

We have three more weeks to complete projects. Projects are due the Friday before Memorial Day. As you plan, make sure you leave time for testing, and to making a 2-minute video (you can use QuickTime and make a screen recording) to submit with your project. You will also need to write a reflection on the development process as part of your final grade, which can be done during the first week of June.

There will be no final exam. You final project is your final assessment. So be sure to put in your best effort! I am extremely impressed from what I have seen so far!

For those wanting to have an account registration and  log-in, I have developed some html/javascript that will allow you to do this. Copy and paste the line below into your terminal window, and then unzip.

wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26740080/loginsample.zip

Happy coding!