Week 10

This week everyone should be finished/finishing with 4-1 Search Engine, and 4-4 Temperature.

Please note that CS50 Finance is an optional, “hacker edition” problem.

Final project proposals are due on Friday, April 15th. If you don’t have it ready to hand in on that day, please email to me at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net asap.

For those students that want to develop a game as their final project, I’ve created a version of javascript version of Breakout that you can complete, and then improve upon and personalize. Please be sure to request a walkthrough of the code if this is a direction that interests you.

This week you will be working with your “final project” teams to diagram/flowchart/pseudocode/storyboard your project. The idea here is to detail exactly what exactly each part of your project will do. You will then prioritize the various tasks/parts/steps, so that you know exactly what must be done(and which parts would be nice but not absolutely necessary) to have a successful working project.



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