Week 11

Final Projects are officially underway!

Proposals are in (or should be) and individuals and groups should be well into the planning stages.

This week I will be doing walkthroughs of how to create some functional components you may need. For each of these, I am providing you with the code that I’ve demonstrated in the walkthroughs. You can download these directly into your c9 workspace by copying and pasting the wget or git clone line into your terminal window. For the zipped files, type in unzip and the filename after downloading.

For the user comments javascript file (when saving data), where it says:

username: ‘<API_KEY>’,
password: ‘<API_PASSWORD>’

change it to:

username: ‘ownegulinumestandeniveri’,
password: ‘2f23a60d25bdf194b731053757f0db90a5345d5a’

And on line 11, where it revers to <DATABASE_NAME>, choose your own database name. You do not need to include the <> brackets.

The due date for your final project is May 27th. We will have a celebration and public display of your projects the following week after Memorial Day.

Here are the project requirements, and modified rubric, which includes your feedback.

Summative Assessment: Final Project
General Requirements

This performance task requires you to develop a program on a topic that interests you or one that solves a problem. It is strongly recommended that a portion of the program involve some form of collaboration with another student in your class. Your program development process must involve a significant portion of work completed independently that requires a significant level of planning, designing, and program development.

You are required to:

  • Iteratively design, implement, and test your program.
  • Independently create at least one significant part of your program.
  • Create a video that displays the running of your program and demonstrates its functionality.
  • Write responses to questions about your program.
  • Include your entire program code

Grading Rubric

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.46.52 AM

If you are working on a game using html/canvas and javascript, take a look at the code for the snake game here.



Week 10

This week everyone should be finished/finishing with 4-1 Search Engine, and 4-4 Temperature.

Please note that CS50 Finance is an optional, “hacker edition” problem.

Final project proposals are due on Friday, April 15th. If you don’t have it ready to hand in on that day, please email to me at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net asap.

For those students that want to develop a game as their final project, I’ve created a version of javascript version of Breakout that you can complete, and then improve upon and personalize. Please be sure to request a walkthrough of the code if this is a direction that interests you.

This week you will be working with your “final project” teams to diagram/flowchart/pseudocode/storyboard your project. The idea here is to detail exactly what exactly each part of your project will do. You will then prioritize the various tasks/parts/steps, so that you know exactly what must be done(and which parts would be nice but not absolutely necessary) to have a successful working project.


Week 9

This week we will begin to think about final projects. You are to have your final project pre-proposal written up and printed out (or handwritten) for class on Tuesday, April 5. We will be commenting on each other’s ideas, so make sure your proposal is legible.

I’m posting the recent CS50 Fair video, which is where student at Harvard show off their final projects, to help you come up with ideas. Keep in mind at Harvard they have a huge staff to help teach and advise students on technologies they need to use, so many of these may be more advanced than projects we can here this year.

The video is also extremely long, so I’ve posted it, not for you to watch the entire thing, but to watch snippets if you are stuck wondering what to do, or what is possible.

We had a great call with Kasey Champion of Microsoft on Monday. She answered a wide variety of questions on everything from what day to day life of a software engineer looks like, what type of classes to take in college to get a job at a company like Microsoft, Google, or Facebook, and how much money she made in her first year at Microsoft. If you want to follow up with her directly, you can email her at Kaseyc@exchange.microsoft.com.