Week 4: The Internet & HTML

Unit 3 Quiz

Monday, March 7th, we will have quiz-3, which will be assess your understanding of concepts learned in unit 3. Topics will include:

  • Bubble sort, selection sort, and insertion sort: you must understand how all three work and be able to demonstrate by sorting the first few elements in an array according to each algorithm.
  • Understanding how a function works, how parameters are passed into a function and how it may return a number, a boolean, a string, or nothing at all.
  • Being able to translate one of the sorting algorithms from pseudocode into c code.
  • What does a “seed” do to a random number generator like drand48.

Links to review for Unit 3 Quiz

Slides with sample questions: Unit3 Review Slides

Explanations/Answers to sample questions:
Unit 3 Review Slides Explanations (pdf) / Slides Explanations (MSWord)

Here is an additional video that explains what it means for an algorithm to be in O(n2).

Web Programing

This week we will transition into web programming, getting into an area we are all more familiar with. Interacting in a web browser rather than a command line text prompt.

If you have not yet completed the two required programs from Unit 3, RNG and Sort Race, you can continue to work on these during the beginning of this week. However you should be moving onto HTML by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

You can learn more about the two tracks for learning HTML/CSS here.