Week 19

Congratulations on completing your semester final! Semester one is almost done! We will be starting out next semester talking about final projects, which you will have the option of  creating alone, collaborating with a partner, or even working in small groups!

Please don’t forget to submit your final writing assignment, Writing Problem 3-5: Analyze This, no later than midnight, Monday January 25th. Please share or email me your essay to my NESTM email at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net.

In addition make sure all unit 1 and unit2 programs (up to Old Friends/Calc) are in your dropbox folder, and all forms are completed.

Extra Credit

The semester 1 extra credit assignment is now posted. It is an essay of 500 – 1000 words on one of three topics involving cryptography. Please submit no later than Friday, January 29th by sharing or email to me at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net.

Cryptography Essay: Semester 1 Extra Credit



Week 17/18

This is our next to last week of semester 1! Our goal is to be mostly done with Unit 2 the end of the marking period. For periods 1, 2, 7, upload all programs at least through caesar to dropbox by 1/22. For periods 5, 6 (due to lack of usable internet most days), at least through calc (at least having started on calc).

The semester final will be given on Thursday, Jan 21. You may make your own study guide/reference sheet, one page, two sided, handwritten, to use with the exam. You will hand this in with your exam.

Topics will include:

Here are the warm ups from this week that you can use for review.

The last assignment of the semester is Writing Problem 3-5: Analyze This a reflection/self-assessment of this past semester. It is due on January 25th. Please submit as a google doc and share this with me at margarettanzosh@nestmk12.net.

Week 16

Please note that I am giving an extension on the writing problem 2-0, which was originally due on Friday, until Sunday evening at 10 pm.

Quiz 1 retake this week will include the following topics:

  • Integer Overflow
  • Floating Point Imprecision
  • Variable Scope
  • Understanding ISBN, Pennies
  • Loops and Conditionals
  • Command line arguments
  • Return Codes
  • Segmentation Fault

You may study from Quiz 1 Sample Questions and Quiz 1 Sample Question Answers. Also review the study resources listed under week 14/15 below.

The end of the semester is only a few weeks away. Make sure to review your submissions on Pupil Path to make sure nothing is missing.

What will be required to complete this semester?