Week 13


Congratulations to our Agile Youth Challenge Hackathon winners: Jacob Sela, Greggory Antoine, Alan Huang and Andriy Repik! They created an application named “Over Coffee” at Sunday’s hackathon, and coded until the very last minute! The judges were so impressed they awarded our team first prize!

There will be another AYC Hackathon coming up on March 13th, so put it on  your calendar now if you are interested.

Meanwhile, the Harvard CS50 AP Hackathon, the first high school CS50 hackathon ever, is coming up on Saturday, February 6, from 10:00am to 3:00pm at the Browning School, 52 E 62nd Street. Harvard needs confirmation this week on who is attending in order to order food, snacks and t-shirts. You must fill out the confirmation form this week if you plan to come. This is the event where Professor David Malan and others from Harvard will be attending, and it should be really spectacular!

And on this Saturday, December 12, All Star Code will be hosting All Star Hacks. 

Meanwhile back to our work. Below is a video on functions that further explains the concept that we began to discuss in class. While you are not required to build your own functions for unit 2 problems, it would be a great idea to begin to experiment with coding functions as you work on your unit 2 problems.

Finally you can find the code from our recent startups here.