Week 8

Three of our classes connected with Microsoft today via Skype! Other classes will have the opportunity to do so next week.

To prepare for these calls, please send code samples directly to Paul Pardi at Microsoft, by this Friday, so he can give you feedback and do a session with our class on code reviews. Make the subject line STUDENT CODE. Paul’s email is Paul.Pardi@microsoft.com. You can copy me at cs50xnestm@gmail.com.

This week we will be completing our first marking period. The goal is to be now finished with or almost finished with Greedy and working on Pennies. Of course you are more than welcome to work ahead on ISBN, Mario and, if you are interested, on the Hacker Edition problem called Credit.

If you were out on Friday and missed the quiz, you NEED to make it up this week. Come see me before school from 7:40am on, or period 3, or after school Wed, Thursday or Friday. You can come to do test corrections during that same time as well.

Extra Credit!
If you were unable, for whatever reason to submit work earlier this semester, and need to (or just want to) bring up your grade, I’ve included an extra credit writing assignment about new technologies. You can find it here. Please email (or share a google doc) your essay to me at cs50xnestm@gmail.com by Friday, Nov 6.