Week 5

All students should now have a shared dropbox folder set up labeled with your name, period number, and “Submit”. This should be shared with me at mtanzosh@gmail.com. If you have a grade of “M” for this process, it is very likely you shared a file or perhaps created a link to your folder. Once the folder is shared it should look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.58.22 AM

Only with your name and period number instead of “Submit_Test”. I will change your grade to give you full credit for this once I see the folder is shared correctly.

The process of being graded and submitting work is as follows:

  • Show me in your terminal window that your program passes check50 and style50.
  • Control-click on the “.c” file icon on the left side of your IDE window to download the source code to your computer.
  • Log onto Dropbox and click on the shared folder icon to open the folder.
  • Drag the “.c” file to your dropbox window.
  • Delete your “.c” file from the computer.

Everyone should be finished with hello.c by now. If you don’t have a grade for this, please be sure to show me your check50 and style50 for this program. Remember that each program (except for skittles) has it’s own unique check50, while there is only one style50 to be used with all “.c” files.

The deadlines I am posting can be considered soft deadlines for now. You should be close to being finished with Fahrenheit, however you will not be penalized if you are still working on it. Once you have it working, move on to Skittles. And don’t forget to watch the videos if you have any questions on how to implement conditionals and loops.

And as your programs get more complex, it is important to style your code properly. Tommy does a great job in the video below, explaining how to use comments and style your code in C.

You can also refer to CS50’s Style Guide manual for more details on styling your code.