Week 3

This week we will begin to “remix” existing code. The project you will work on is called “Binary Bulbs”. You are to take partially implemented code, which simulates representing a byte of data as 8 light  bulbs, or binary digits, and add code to calculate whether or not the player of this game correctly identified a decimal number in binary.

Please note that this particular project is not to be done in groups, and not to be shared.

The assignment can be found here: Problem 1-1 Binary Bulbs.

On Friday, we will be finished (or almost finished) with Binary Bulbs, and begin working in an Interactive Development Environment IDE especially tailored for CS50. In Problem 1-2,  you will see instructions on setting up your CS50 IDE and writing your first program in C!

If you finish Problem 1-2, feel free to move onto Problem 1-3.