Week 1

This week we will begin to analyze the algorithmic process of everyday activities, experiment with your peer’s algorithms and possibly even begin coding in Scratch!

Some new terminology this week includes:

Algorithms: sets of instructions to solve particular problems, taking inputs and producing outputs that are hopefully correct, but also efficient.

Pseudocode: a detailed description of a solution to a problem, or algorithm, that is structured in a similar way to code, but is written in English.

Our next assignment will involve writing descriptions of everyday algorithms as well as translating these into pseudocode, and is due on Friday 9/18 at 10 pm. Please write this up in a google doc, include your name, assignment 0-1, and your period number in the title of your document, then share with me at cs50xnestm.gmail.com. Don’t forget to include commenting privileges!

Assignment 0-1

Due to many students changing programs, I am extending the deadline for problem set 0-0 until Wednesday evening (9/16) at 10:00 pm.

Assignment 0-0

You can learn more about week 0 here.