Week 0

Welcome to week 0 of Computer Science! We will be using a new curriculum called CS50 which was developed by Harvard University! CS50 is the most popular class at Harvard with over 800 students signing up each year. The curriculum we will be using has been tailored specifically for high school students.

Before we get started, I would like to get to know you a little better! Please complete the survey at the link below:

Intro Survey

Your first assignment is due by Sunday, September 13th at 10 pm. You will be reading through some materials and writing responses to several questions. Your written responses must be done as as google doc and shared with me, on or before this date/time, at cs50xnestm@gmail.com.

You will notice our first unit is named unit 0 and your first assignment is named assignment 0, since, as you will soon learn, computers start their numbering with 0 rather than 1.

Please visit the link below to complete your first assignment:

Assignment 0-0

I look forward to reading through your responses!